Architectural Contrasts, a Literary Legacy, and First-Rate Food in Dublin, Ireland

Divided into the Northside and Southside by the River Liffey, Dublin’s fair city of nearly 1.5 million is home to a third of Ireland’s population. You can feel the brisk tempo of this busy capital — with its vibrant arts and culture, upsurge in restaurants, and classical Georgian neighbourhoods bumping up against rapidly changing areas like the Docklands. Local expert Emily Cathcart says there’s always something to see in Dublin when you know where to look.

Preserving a slow art form

In an age of mass production and instant gratification, these handmade pieces take time and patience to create. Are La Manufacture Cogolin’s bespoke, artist-designed rugs the ultimate ‘slow’ art form? Managing Director Sarah Henry thinks so: “For sure it is a long process! We spend quite a bit of time on the design development and the transformation of a two-dimensional drawing into a textile piece. Most often we do one or two rounds of samples when developing a collection or working on a fully

Past and future meet at Carton House

After driving through the peaceful countryside, I approached the imposing 18th century building and sprinted through the deluge to be greeted by a surprisingly 21st century entrance—a new addition created as part of an extensive multi-million Euro refurbishment project completed in 2021. Welcomed with a warming cup of tea as I was drying out, I had only just settled into a comfortable velvet-upholstered sofa in the reception when Martin appeared. After the inevitable discussion of the weather (a

The future of green building has arrived at Chelsea Barracks

A revival of gracious garden square living combines architectural tradition, 21st-century style and impeccable green credentials. If you’re wondering where to find the actual lap of luxury, it’s on a former military site tucked between Sloane Square and the River Thames. Situated on 12.8 acres, as its name suggests Chelsea Barracks was originally built in the 1860s to accommodate two infantry battalions. After being out of public reach for more than 150 years, with the troop housing long gone, it’s transforming into one of the city’s most exclusive addresses.
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