About Me

U ARE ALIVE by Maser | Dublin, Ireland | Photo: Emily Cathcart

Having lived in the US, UK and now Ireland, I've worked with the visual (as a designer and photographer) and verbal (as a writer and editor) throughout my multidisciplinary career. As an obsessive organiser with a passion for spreadsheets and colour coding, I also love diving headfirst into the project management tasks that bring it all together.

On the commissioning side, currently I'm the content manager for responsible travel platform Resonate and have been a managing editor for content and editorial agency ALHAUS. When working with writers, I particularly enjoy seeking out new talent, encouraging authors through the creation process and also helping non-writers to find their voice.

I'm a sub-editor for a national Irish paper, where I do the usual sub-editing things (maintain ‘house style’ and apply relevant formatting; write headlines and captions, copyedit, fact-check, proofread).

When I'm not managing content, commissioning or editing, I'm writing my own articles and photo essays as a freelance journalist for publications from boutique magazines to travel websites to national newspapers.

“A word after a word after a word is power.”

Margaret Atwood